Church Family,

This past year God has done “infinitely beyond” anything we could have imagined! We’ve seen thousands of people radically transformed as they stepped into a relationship with Jesus. We’ve seen thousands of students come together every week to be challenged and equipped to live out their “God-call” - and we’ve seen thousands of children building a foundation on the truth and power of God’s Word.

As we enter this season of “Heart for the House” we’re praying that God will give each of us a deeper love for His house and everything He wants to do in and through us. As a member in this family we want to challenge you to ask God, “What’s my responsibility for Your house? How do you want me to build Your house and make it stronger – ready to reach more people?” Here’s what we know – eternity will be forever changed by our commitment to pray and sacrifice to build a home where more people can come and find the love and the message of Jesus Christ.

We love you so much,
Pastors Todd & Julie Mullins


It’s been incredible to see the dreams to go Beyond. This is not just a word, it’s what God has placed into the heart of a driving force that has shown to live in our church over the years. We believe there is a mighty work of God in our house, and we see it with every life that declares Jesus as their Lord and Savior. But it’s not over! As our church grows, God has called us into places like Port St. Lucie, Jupiter and Stuart. Time and time again, we’ve seen our Father take us Beyond anything we could ever have dreamed or imagined. And now we’re seeing that happen in the city of Belle Glade.

Generations have been transformed through your generosity and we believe that the best is yet to come for the future of our students and children. Our Heart for the House offering will carry our church beyond where we stand today – building the church of tomorrow.

Beyond Today
Beyond Our Walls

God is calling us to go Beyond. Imagine the millions of people we could reach by leveraging technology. Today we can reach people at their point of need without physically being there. We believe God is calling us to lead a radical transformation outside of our walls and reach everyone with the power and love of Jesus in any way we can.