“What an awesome place this is! It is none other than the house of God, the very gateway to heaven!”


There is nothing on the planet like the church of Jesus Christ, fully alive with the power and presence of God, overflowing with hope and faith. It is the “very gateway to heaven” for so many. And it’s in and through the church that children and students can build a foundation on the Word of God that will prepare them for a lifetime of following Jesus.

The apostle Paul challenges us in Romans, “How will they know unless we tell them? How can they believe in a God of whom they have never heard?”(Rom.10:14) We must be the ones to go. We must be the ones to tell them. This year we have some big goals to move the church forward. There are more people to reach, so there are new campuses to launch and new sanctuaries to build. So we will expand and enlarge to make our “home” a little bit bigger.

So this year we’re entering a season called “Heart for the House.” We’re praying that God will give each of us a deeper love for His house and everything He wants to do in this place. As a member in God’s family we want to challenge you to ask God, “What’s my responsibility for Your house? How do you want to use me to build Your house and make it ready for more people?” Here’s what we know - eternity will be forever changed by our commitment to pray and sacrifice to build a home where more people can come and find the grace and truth of Christ.

We love you,
Pastors Todd & Julie


Church in the Mall

We knew that in order to see a radical transformation for Jesus in this region we needed to be a light in this city.

Enlarge our Tent

Our first weekend saw 3,209 people come through our doors, making it the largest launch in the history of Christ Fellowship.

Salt Life & Light

Beginning in August, we will open our doors at Jupiter High School right in the heart of the city.

Full of Family

Who but God could have imagined this campus growing to over 7,000 people a weekend?

Room for More

We know so many more people in Stuart need to hear the message of love and hope that only comes from Jesus.