We are excited about what God is doing in the life of our church. We are always going to be a “going church” because we serve a going God, and to do that we are going to have to stretch wide to do all that God has called us to do. That’s why in 2017 we are opening a new location in the beautiful town of Jupiter, Florida.

There are over 97,000 people in this region that need to know the name of Jesus, and beginning in August, we will open our doors at Jupiter High School right in the heart of the city. With an auditorium that seats over 800 people, we will create a place where people can find a relationship with God.

People like Josh, who grew up in Jupiter and attended Jupiter High School. He faced difficult challenges, and it wasn’t until he encountered Christ that he was able to get his life back on track. He is able to take what God taught him through his experiences, to now be a blessing to someone else.
We believe the greatest days for Jupiter are ahead!


people attended the first Jupiter location gathering


people in the surrounding region


Fastest growing community in Palm Beach County