Twelve years ago we moved into an old Target building and God has built something truly special. Who but God could have imagined this campus growing to over 7,000 people a weekend? Thousands of families have found the love and hope that can only come from Jesus because of this location, our Dream Team and each of you working together to share the good news of Christ. But we’re not done! There are many more people in our area that we have to get ready for. We’ve recently renovated and updated the space nicknamed “Future Development,” but we have more to do.

Each week we welcome over 1,000 children. Our Children’s Ministry team is passionate about providing a place for kids to hear about Jesus, make friends and begin their faith journey in an age appropriate, super fun atmosphere. We need to expand, update and refresh all of the CFKids environments and other areas around the campus to make them more inviting and provide space for new families. We’re ready to go, but we need you to jump on board to be part of investing in the lives of the next generation of world changers.