The Zayas Family

Generation after generation stands in awe of your work; each one tells stories of your mighty acts. Psalms 145:4

After moving to Palm Beach County in 1995 we were looking for a church to attend. We would often drive by Christ Fellowship and notice the parking lot was always full. As soon as we visited with our six children we knew we had found our church family. Our four youngest have been saved and baptized here. We’ve all been very involved in everything from CFKids to Worship Ministry. Over the years our children have been mentored and encouraged to develop their gifts for the glory of God.

Our son, Danny, was introverted as a young boy but the leadership here poured into him and called out his musical abilities. They gave him the tools he needed to enter music ministry full time. It was through the guidance of the church that he and his wife, Renee, were able to lay the foundation for a healthy marriage. Together, they have ministered to so many people. It was through their growth at Christ Fellowship that Zayas Studios was born—a music school that has enabled many young people to obtain worship platform training. Today, we have three generations of our family invested in ministry. And we are grateful for the impact Christ Fellowship has had on our family for generations to come.